BBC Host Reveals Shocking Homemade Gift He Once Gave A Girlfriend

A BBC host may have overshared a bit on Wednesday while discussing homemade jewelry on air. (Watch the video below.)

Tom Hepworth of “South Today” made his shocking revelation after colleague Alexis Green said she had once made earrings for family and friends.

“I once made a necklace out of teeth for a girlfriend,” Hepworth declared.

“Oh, that’s lovely,” Green replied. “For a girlfriend?”

“Yeah, it didn’t last long,” Hepworth said.

Hepworth made things hilariously worse when he tried to explain on Twitter. “Probably should’ve mentioned: They were mine, we were both consenting goths at the time and it was acceptable back then,” he wrote. He included a few good puns, too: #tomscrownaffair and #fangsforthemories.

People on Twitter made some biting remarks.

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