Chris Evans Has Been A Jeremy Strong Fan Longer Than Any Of Us

Even Chris Evans needs someone to marvel at.

In a profile about Jeremy Strong published Sunday, Evans told The New Yorker that he’s been a fan of the “Succession” star since childhood.

Evans, who plays Captain American in the Avengers movies, explained to the magazine that his older sister acted in a children’s theater group alongside Strong in his Massachusetts hometown.

“I was probably nine, ten, going to my sister’s shows, and even then thinking, ‘Damn, this kid is great!’” Evans said.

Later, Evans, who was a few years younger, attended the same high school as Strong. He described his teenage awe for the upperclassman like Captain America finding a hero of his own.

“He was a little bit of a celebrity in my mind,” Evans admitted about Strong, who went on to win an Emmy for his portrayal of Kendall Roy in “Succession.”

The two did high school productions together, and Evans has vivid memories of Strong often stealing the show.

Chris Evans (left) and Jeremy Strong were in high school theater productions together.

VALERIE MACON via Getty Images/Taylor Hill via Getty Images

“The cast would poke their heads through the curtain, just to watch him do his thing,” Evans said. Speaking about a particular play, he said, “In the end, one of his characters drinks poison. I think every night the death scene grew by about thirty seconds.”

Evans was so taken by Strong’s talent that when Strong called him years later asking Evans for help finding an agent, Evans was surprised he was having difficulty.

“I said, ‘Holy shit, Jeremy! First of all, I can’t believe that. Second of all, this is your lucky day,’” Evans told the outlet.

And although Evans set up a meeting between his agent and Strong, the connection never went anywhere.

Evans’ “Avengers” co-star Robert Downey Jr. — who seems to relish in one-upping Evans — had a completely different experience working with Strong, which he also shared with The New Yorker.

To read Downey’s not-so-glowing experience, check out the New Yorker profile.

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