Jimmy Kimmel Introduces Mascot For His Bowl Game And We Pray He Isn’t Kidding

Jimmy Kimmel has a college football bowl game named after him, and now he’s got the requisite mascot. (Watch the video below.)

The talk show host on Monday revealed what he said was the mascot for the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl pitting Oregon State University against Utah State on Dec. 18 at SoFi Stadium.

But first, there was comedy. A clip of Kimmel tossing around ideas with a noted mascot developer featured a few misses that were hits in our book: Mangy the LA coyote, Smoggy the coughing cloud and Barfield, the vomiting Garfield.

But then came the unveiling. It’s a nod to Kimmel, the desert and, yeah, it seems to have an upset stomach:

Long live Jimmy Kamel, because a tall, bearded camel who pukes is just what college football needs.

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