Jordy’s Back In The Love Game And Primed For A Sexy Summer In His New Music Video

Though his catalog is rife with synth-driven bops about unrequited love and the perils of single life, Jordy hasn’t lost his wide-eyed enthusiasm ― or his sense of humor ― when it comes to matters of the heart.

This week, the pop singer unveiled the music video for “IDK Sh!t,” his latest single. In it, he portrays a “Bachelor”-like contestant on a dating show. He also plays the three would-be suitors: “free-spirited” Jordy, “nerd” Jordy and “rebel” Jordy. By the end of the video, though, the jury’s still out on whether any of the Jordys are a perfect fit for each other.

“The characters are all little parts of me, just exaggerated a bit,” Jordy told HuffPost. “It was so much fun trying on each outfit and getting into character ― something I haven’t been able to do yet in a visual. Growing up as a theater kid, the experience was nostalgic and so exciting for me.”

“It doesn’t matter who you are, nobody really knows what they’re doing,” he continued. “We’re all a little lost, and that’s OK.”

Watch the music video for “IDK Sh!t” below.

The track itself, Jordy says, reflects his own frustrations with “adulting” as a 27-year-old gay man in Los Angeles. He wrote the song while visiting California’s Joshua Tree National Park with fellow musicians Katie Donnelly, Drew Polovick and Oston this winter.

“There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t need to call my mother just to make sure that the bug bite on my leg isn’t infected, if I am filing my taxes correctly, or if I am perpetually doomed in finding love,” he explained. “In an age where it’s so easy to curate your personality on social media and show only what you want to show, it makes it seem like everyone has their shit together. Nothing’s further from the truth than that.”

With its anthemic chorus and handclap rhythms, “IDK Sh!t” is a track designed for maximum volume. It’s also a worthy follow-up to previous single “Dry Spell,” on which Jordy playfully vented about hookup culture as “the guy who likes to fuck, but loves to cry.”

“IDK Sh!t” and “Dry Spell” are easily two of Jordy’s best songs to date, arriving less than a year after his stellar debut album, “Mind Games,” established him as a rising talent with a knack for turning self-reflection into blissful (and relatable) pop.

The Los Angeles-based singer is slated to return to the concert stage with two appearances at the Lollapalooza 2022 music festival.

The singer is set to usher in his new musical chapter with two performances at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago this week.

“I grew up outside of Chicago, and going to Lolla is what I have done most summers since being a high schooler,” said Jordy, whose full name is Jordan Shulman. “All of my friends and family go, and it just feels like home. I have seen so many shows at Lolla just hoping I’d be on stage doing the same thing one day. I am just so excited to share my heart with Chicago.”

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