Kate McKinnon Finally Back On ‘SNL’ As Frustrated Anthony Fauci

Kate McKinnon was finally back on “Saturday Night Live” after a seven-episode hiatus playing Dr. Anthony Fauci on the cold open. The infectious disease expert was frustrated by Marjorie Taylor Greene (Cecily Strong), Lauren Boebert (Chloe Fineman) and Santa (Kyle Mooney), who griped that thanks to the COVID vaccine “my testicles have ballooned” — to the size of grapes.

“I’m baaack,” said McKinnon, who spent the beginning the “SNL” season filming her “Joe Exotic” series for Peacock. “Do people still think I’m sexy or are we done with that?” asked “Fauci.”

McKinnon introduced a series of vignettes that were supposed to set the record straight on COVID, but definitely did not.

“Disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew” (Pete Davidson) and “disgraced former CNN host Chris” (Andrew Dismukes) Cuomo falsely blamed their loss of jobs on COVID.

Rifle-toting Greene complained that the government “has been using this fake disease to strip us of our freedom. Do they think we’re dumb?”

They “found a vaccine and said it worked … then people got it and it saved their lives. If that’s not Communism, then honey, I might not know what Communism is,” she added.”

Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant) finally turned up as that “weirdo with a beardo.” If “you’re sick of seeing me, just think how sick I am of being me,” said Bryant.

Check it out in the clip up top.

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