‘Kimmel’ Guest Host Nicole Byer Turns Into A Human GIF Machine During Wild Monologue

The Papa Bowls are pizzas minus the crust ― essentially, a plastic bowl loaded with cheese and other toppings.

“Finally, diarrhea with no carbs,” Byer said. “These are perfect for people who love pizza, but wish eating it made them feel like a feral raccoon.”

Then, she offered an impression:

But Byer wasn’t done creating GIF-able moments. She noted that the Papa Bowls were first being offered to Papa John’s loyalty members.

“Is there a sadder phrase in the English language than ‘Papa John’s loyalty member’?” she asked. “And yet somehow, some way, I want in! I love pizza and I’m loyal as hell.”

Byer also wondered what the initiation might be to join the loyalty club, including a spanking with a pizza paddle, leading to this meme-worthy moment:

“Thank you, Papa,” she said. “Can I have another?”

See more in her Thursday night monologue:

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