Laura Ingraham: Mike Pence Ripped For Coronavirus Job Because He’s ‘Pro-Life’

President Donald Trump’s appointment of Vice President Mike Pence to head the U.S. response to coronavirus has been criticized because of his questionable public health record.

But that didn’t stop Fox News host Laura Ingraham from jumping to the veep’s defense on “The Ingraham Factor” Thursday. She accused Pence’s critics of launching a “deceitful smear campaign” over his qualifications because he is “pro-life.” (See the clip below.)

“These attacks are so pathetic they’re almost not worth dignifying with a response,” Ingraham said.

But opponents definitely see a problem in Pence’s history of mishandling health issues. He has said “smoking doesn’t kill.” As governor of Indiana, he enabled an HIV crisis by initially opposing needle exchange programs. Not to mention that the vice president has no medical experience and is a science denier who called global warming a myth.

But that isn’t the problem for people concerned about Pence’s coronavirus role, Ingraham claimed. 

“They really just hate the fact that Mike Pence is pro-life,” the cable TV personality said. “That he doesn’t believe in enabling drug users, basically that he’s not a liberal.”

The deadly coronavirus, called COVID-19, has infected more than 82,000 people in at least 53 countries, according to the World Health Organization. Confirmed deaths now number more than 2,800, according to The Associated Press. 

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