Seth Meyers Muses On The Real Reason Trump Named Don Jr. After Himself

Seth Meyers joked Wednesday that former President Donald Trump might have been thinking ahead when he named his first son Donald Jr. 

The “Late Night” host unpacked the latest in Trump’s legal woes and wondered if the former president might be preparing to sacrifice some allies as criminal investigations reportedly intensify.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Manhattan’s district attorney had convened a grand jury to decide whether to indict Trump, should prosecutors present criminal charges in its probe of the Trump Organization. Prosecutors have met multiple times with Michael Cohen, Trump’s former fixer and personal attorney, who has been cooperating with the probe while serving the remainder of a three-year prison sentence from home.

“I also totally believe that Trump would throw his family under the bus,” said Meyers. “You think he named his eldest son after himself for sentimental reasons? He did it so there’d be a second Donald Trump to pin the blame on.”

“And I have no trouble believing he’d flip on Melania too,” Meyers added. 

Watch him crack out his Trump impression below:

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