Trevor Noah Bashes Fox News Host On Why She ‘Really Cares’ About Immigration Ban

Trevor Noah on Tuesday joked about President Donald Trump’s shallow attempt to deflect from his coronavirus failures and the selfish reason one of his supporters at Fox News showed concern. 

“The Daily Show” host recapped the president’s declaration that he would sign an executive order suspending immigration to the United States. The decision has been criticized as an effort to distract from his administration’s coronavirus failures and to exploit the pandemic to energize his fans ahead of the election. As Noah mentioned, immigration already is effectively halted due to the outbreak.

On Tuesday morning’s “Fox & Friends,” Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt questioned Trump’s temporary immigration ban, highlighting that “many families rely on child care from other countries.” She raised concerns about her own au pair, who is not American, saying “I need her in my house, so that she can help me with my daughter.”

Noah was less than impressed.

“OK, first of all, many families here, do not have au pairs,” he said. “In fact, 0.03% of families in America have au pairs.”

“Instead of trying to act like this is an everyone thing, what she should really say is, damn, this new thing Trump did is really going to affect me, so now I really care.”

He added: “This is what a lot of people do with President Trump. They’re willing to tolerate him because his actions don’t affect them personally.”

Check out the rest of his roast below.

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