Trevor Noah Drills Paul Gosar For Always Mentioning He’s A Dentist

The extremist Republican from Arizona was censured by the House of Representatives for tweeting an anime video of him killing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He also was stripped of his committee assignments.

But Gosar still has his dental career to talk about. And he does that a lot. Noah shared a montage of the pol repeatedly saying he was a dentist.

At least the dentist job gave him “experience with people hating you,” Noah cracked.

But it also prepared him for elected office in a more sinister way, the host noticed.

“It turns out there was one part that Gosar did bring to Congress: teeth whitening. Except instead of whitening teeth, he’s trying to whiten America.”

“Someone this awful, they shouldn’t be running anything in government,” Noah concluded. “And I don’t say this as a talk show host. I say this as someone who’s been to the dentist.”

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