13 Gourmet Hot Sauces For The Spicy Food Lover In Your Life

We all have that friend who loves to drown their food in hot sauce, regardless of the cuisine. And to be fair, they may be on to something. There’s nothing like adding a decadent hot sauce to a simple dish to elevate it to new flavorsome heights. Gourmet hot sauces are a total treat, and even those who consider themselves connoisseurs might not always go out of their way to purchase new, exciting options. That’s why it’s a great gift for people who love spicy foods.

It’s an easy way to cater to someone’s personal taste (literally) without having to purchase something complicated, over-the-top or super expensive. And it’ll be just as appreciated by a loved one as it will be by a work colleague or acquaintance. It really is the perfect gift for anyone who has a thing for food with a kick.

We’re bringing the heat with 13 gourmet hot sauces, including a few cult favorites, vegan options and some new, unexpected additions to the scene. Some of these may stretch the limits of the technical definition of a hot sauce, but they are all spicy toppings that you spoon, squirt or pour on food, and that’s good enough for us. Add them to eggs, sandwiches, pizzas and much more — though most of them are tasty enough to eat off a spoon.

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