25 Gifts That All Cat Lovers Will Be Obsessed With

As cat lovers, we get a bad rap.

We get called crazy, weird and destined to be alone forever with our teeming hoard of snooty cats. Sure, some of that might be kind of true — but that’s OK. We can live in our world of cat hair and clawed-up furniture, chasing after the sporadic affections of our fluffy companions in complete contentment because, much like cats, we just don’t give a flying whisker.

If the 900,000 members of the This Cat is Chonky Facebook group or the internet craze of Grumpy Cat (RIP, little buddy) aren’t enough to show you that us cat fanatics are of a different breed, then this curated list of feline-themed gifts may do the trick.

Keep reading to find the perfect item for yourself or a fellow cat lover, just in time for the holidays.

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