Do Toilet Stools Really Help You Poop Better? Here Are Some To Try.

Pooping is a universal experience. Everyone of all ages around the world does it, some more often than others (looking at you, newborns). Since we all spend so much time on the toilet doing a totally natural and necessary bodily function, shouldn’t we be comfortable while doing so?

While a heated or glow-in-the-dark toilet seat can be pleasant to sit on and look at, what’s actually more important for a healthy bowel movement is where our feet are planted while doing our duty. This is where toilet stools (no pun intended) can be helpful.

While these “potty stools” are often marketed toward younger children who may not be tall enough for their feet to touch the floor, anyone can use them and they allow for a better posture to decrease strain during a bowel movement.

Over the past two years especially, we’ve learned how our posture while working from home can really take a toll on our bodies. But Jennifer Bonheur, a New York-based gastroenterologist, explained that our position on the toilet is just as important. Bonheur said there are some studies that show stools help facilitate proper squatting and make pooping easier because the position allows our lower muscles to relax.

Of course, using stools isn’t the only important factor for a good bowel movement. In addition to maintaining a squatting position, Bonheur said that what we eat also affects our pooping habits, with high fiber diets and adequate hydration having a beneficial effect on reducing constipation and straining.

“But there is absolutely no downside to a squatting position or raising your feet while sitting on the toilet and leaning forward and many people — especially those who struggle with constipation and straining — do find it quite helpful. This position can work well for children and adults, and is not age-specific,” she said.

Bonheur said as long as the position you’re in is comfortable and your feet are elevated off of the floor to create the squatting angle, you can pretty much use whatever type of stool you’d like. Below, we’ve rounded up a couple stools you should add to your bathroom, including the Tushy ottoman stool and the Squatty Potty. Your bowels will thank you.

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The EasyGoPro stool

Lightweight and sturdy, the EasyGoPro stool is specifically designed to support you when you gotta go. It stands at 7.5 inches and aids in correcting posture for optimal toilet use. It’s made of a durable plastic, so you can easily wipe it down and tuck it under or to the side of your toilet.

Get it on Amazon for $24.99.

The StrongTek collapsible squatting toilet

If you want to keep your potty stool a little more discreet and out of the way, this stool is for you. It’s fully collapsible without the use of additional tools; just fold the legs down by pressing on the hinges on both sides. It stands at 7.2 inches and has rubber grips on each leg to keep it from sliding around on the floor.

Get it on Amazon for $39.99.

The Tushy ottoman toilet stool

If the name of this toilet stool wasn’t convincing enough, you’ll love the Tushy stool because it literally looks like an ottoman, perfect for blending in with the your sleek bathroom aesthetic. Its height keeps your system flowing, resulting in a satisfying, strain-free poop. You have two heights to choose from: The relaxed height stool is 7.5 inches, which is better for a less intense crouching position, and the original stool stands at 9 inches for a deeper crouch. Both come in all-white or white and bamboo.

Get it on Amazon for $69.

A collapsible bamboo potty stool

Add a touch of bamboo to your bathroom with this stool that collapses for easy storage. It can be purchased in a 7.5 inch-height or 8.5 inches and in either natural or dark wood finishes.

Get it from Amazon for $42.99.

The Squatty Potty

The American-made Squatty Potty works to elevate your feet and apply soft pressure to your abdomen to reduce straining. Its subtle, sloped design provides an optimal squatting angle and is curved to easily slide under your toilet when you’re done using it.

Get it on Amazon for $24.99.

A foldable step stool

Traveling soon and need a portable potty stool? This folding stool works both as a regular step stool and a toilet stool when you need a little more height for your feet. It stands at 9 inches high, and many Amazon reviewers mention how well it works for all of their pooping needs.

Get it on Amazon for $12.99.

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