Fondue Pots And Accessories You Need For Your Next Party

There are few things better than a chunk of crusty bread dipped in a vat of ooey, gooey cheese. Not only is this pairing the makings of a party worth attending, it’s also a culinary throwback making a happy and delicious return.

The communal fondue pot of the mid-century era has stayed relatively the same, and requires just a few simple ingredients to pull off. Traditional recipes will suggest combining a bit of white wine, garlic and a nutty cheese, such as Gruyere or Beaufort, in a heat-safe fondue pot that hovers over a basic heating element that keeps the cheese melted while guests spear and dunk their favorite accompaniments into the unctuous mixture.

But, by no means should you feel beholden to just do cheese. One of the best things about these versatile pots is the opportunity for personalization. Try banana slices dipped in silky chocolate or fry up seafoods and savory morsels of meat. You can even create warm aromatic ciders or punches in your fondue pot that simmer away through the night.

If you want to pay homage to the OG charcuterie board and add a fondue pot to your entertaining repertoire, keep reading to see which of these well reviewed pots (and a few other goodies) would suit you best.

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