Gifts For The Long Distance Best Friend You Won’t See In Person

You and your bestie used to joke that living two subway stops away made you long-distance. Yet, when they moved to the other coast during COVID, having a cross-country friendship became no laughing matter. From weekly Zoom happy hours to joint-viewing Netflix and the occasional care package, you’ve gotten pretty good at keeping this distance-thing going. Even though you don’t literally see each other every day, you can still name all of their annoying coworkers and describe what their hot barista was wearing yesterday morning.

Though exchanging gifts in person is undoubtedly adorable, exchanging a long-distance gift doesn’t have to feel distant. Sure, you can’t actually hug or give them a playful “you shouldn’t have” arm slap, but you can rock out together on video chat or call each other as you open your presents. Additionally, long-distance gifts let your bestie open their present on their own time, meaning no one is on the hot seat or rushing to find a date to meet for lunch between a million other holiday plans.

When shopping for a long-distance bestie, you can really show how well you know them and how much you’re looking forward to seeing them again. Think treats from your town, gifts they can use in future travel and sentimental objects that celebrate your friendship. Whether you’ve always lived away from your bestie or one of you recently moved, these thoughtful presents to send your long-distance best friend will feel almost as good as seeing them in person.

To help you make this holiday season the best one yet, we rounded up the sweetest gifts to give your long-distant best friend when you can’t be with them in person for the holidays.

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