How To Get Adam Driver’s Après-Ski Look From ‘House Of Gucci’

Much has been said about Lady Gaga’s fabulous costumes in “House Of Gucci,” but Adam Driver’s gorgeous looks as Maurizio Gucci need a moment. The overall styling emanates wealth and glamour, albeit in a slightly more subdued way than his more flamboyant counterparts. Not only do his costumes effortlessly convey his status, lifestyle and personal aesthetic, but they just so happen to be the perfect winter menswear inspiration.

Costume designer Janty Yates told the New York Times that almost all Driver’s clothing for the film was custom made by Savile Row and Zegna, including “suits, shirts, blazers, trousers, cashmere coats with velvet collars.” But there’s one look that has taken up permanent residence in our brains, and that’s Driver’s St. Moritz àpres-ski ensemble. The creamy, chunky knit paired with a chic snowsuit is dripping with timeless elegance, and is surprisingly easy to replicate at a wide range of price points.

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or not, there’s plenty of inspo to take from this iconic outfit. You can use it as a jumping off point for all winter styling, starting with soft neutrals, lush fabrics and, of course, statement glasses. Keep reading, because we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Maurizio Gucci-themed àpres-ski pieces to get you started. It’s a sexier look (and simpler to copy) than you might think.

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