Keep Your Houseplants Alive This Winter With These Must-Have Products

Whether you’re a seasoned houseplant owner or a novice foliage collector who’s new to the indoor plant game, you’ve more than likely experienced that familiar pang of guilt from accidentally killing a houseplant. You did everything in your power to nurture its little plant life and jumped for joy at the sight of a new sprout peaking through the soil, but somehow it still wilted, turned brown and shriveled into a sad and unrecognizable stem.

You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself, however, when on those rare (or frequent) occasions your leafy green pal meets its unfortunate demise. This is especially true during the winter season, when temperatures and light levels decrease and the moisture gets sucked from the air. Tools like humidifiers, light systems and nutrient-dense potting soil can create more favorable surroundings to encourage growth and ward off harsh weather conditions.

Shop some of these green-thumb essentials to help provide the best kind of environment for your plant to not only survive this winter, but to thrive all season long.

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