Make Thanksgiving Cleanup Easier With These Smart Kitchen Tools

There are plenty of things to love about Thanksgiving ― and your kitchen morphing into a post-meal landfill of dirty dishes and cutlery definitely isn’t one of them.

“Doing the dishes is a dreaded activity for many,” Alex Varela, Texas-based cleaning expert and general manager of Dallas Maids, told HuffPost. “After all of the labor involved in the cooking and serving of a Thanksgiving feast, the last thing you want to do with the energy you have left is clean.”

Sure, you can partake in the many cleaning hacks out there, like prepping in advance and cleaning as you go, but not having to clean that many dirty dishes in the first place? Now that’d be something to be thankful for.

We went to the experts to find out exactly how to pull this off (besides wrapping your kitchen in caution tape and calling it a day). Here’s how the pros recommend avoiding the post-Thanksgiving dirty dish heap entirely.

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