These Fisherman Sandals Are The Coolest Shoes For Summer

Once considered an old-timey grandpa shoe, the casual fisherman sandal has made a huge splash this summer — and there’s a good chance you’ve spotted a pair on one of your favorite fashion influencers. There’s something unexpectedly cool about them, and their versatility means that they look just as good with a T-shirt and shorts as they do with a more elevated party dress or slip skirt.

The market is absolutely flooded with fisherman sandals right now, so you can find a pair that works with pretty much any style and aesthetic, punk to prim. Everyone from designer brands like Prada and Ganni to some of our favorite retailers like Madewell and Amazon offers a version of this popular sandal.

One of our favorite things about fisherman sandals is that they offer more coverage than you get with the average open-toe and slide sandals while still providing your overheated summer feet with a good amount of airflow and support — key when you’re out and about for hours on end. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most stylish fisherman sandals for women at a wide range of price points, starting at $29.99. Keep reading to pick up a pair for yourself and jump on the bandwagon.

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