Comparing Biden and Trump’s Cabinet Picks

WASHINGTON — Among the most urgent tasks a new president faces is assembling a core group of advisers to serve in the cabinet.

Donald J. Trump valued deal makers and personal wealth and demanded loyalty. In doing so, he created a cabinet of mostly wealthy, white men with limited experience in government, mirroring himself. His administration was the wealthiest of any American president’s: His secretaries of education, commerce and the Treasury, as well as his first secretary of state were worth a total of at least $1.3 billion and as much as $2.9 billion, based on financial disclosures.

President Biden has taken a different approach, turning to policymakers with government experience for most of his cabinet nominees, many of whom he has worked with for decades.

The new president has also prioritized diversity in filling out his circle of top advisers. He is on track to assemble the most diverse cabinet in American history. Mr. Biden has nominated far more women and more nonwhite cabinet members than Mr. Trump, and has chosen the first openly gay person to be a cabinet-level secretary.

Here is a look at some of their A-team lineups.


Housing and Urban Development

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