Live Updates as Voters Head to the Polls

Before singing “America, The Beautiful,” Ms. Adams urged the crowd to vote. “This is one of those elections and primaries that make a difference. Because what’s going on in our country is not good. They’ve got us scared with this coronavirus. They’ve got us scared with a lot of things. But you can’t walk in fear. Because if you walk in fear, you’re paralyzed,” she said.

State Senator John Scott, speaking on behalf of Mr. Steyer before his arrival, urged the 200 or so attendees — many of them Allen University students — to turn out to the polls on Saturday. “I want you to remember this: It’s in your hands. For those of you who have not voted, you need to please consider Tom, because Tom is the real deal.”

Mr. Scott emphasized Mr. Steyer’s call to fund historically black colleges with $125 billion over 10 years, more than any other candidate has proposed.

Tadejah Petty, 23, of Gaffney, S.C., said she planned to vote for Mr. Steyer in Saturday’s primary. “He seems very legit talking about what he wants to do for America,” Ms. Petty said.

The music was the big draw for some students, who said they could not vote in the South Carolina primary. “I’m a music major,” said Jamari Pratt of Camden, N.J., 19, who said he had been lured to the event by the entertainers and had never heard of Mr. Steyer.

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