Jackson Mahomes Does TikTok Dance On Slain NFL Player’s Number Tribute

Jackson Mahomes, the brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, caught flak after dancing on the jersey-number memorial for a slain Washington player who was honored Sunday. (Watch the video below.)

The younger Mahomes posted a TikTok clip showing him dancing atop the late Sean Taylor’s No. 21 logo on the sideline during Sunday’s game at Washington’s FedEx Field. The Washington Football Team held a ceremony to retire the star safety’s number. Taylor, a 24-year-old in his fourth season, was shot to death by a home invader in 2007.

Mahomes apologized on Twitter for “accidentally” stepping on the tribute after he and others were directed to stand in the roped-off area.

“I meant absolutely no disrespect to him or his family,” Mahomes wrote.

Jackson Mahomes, who has nearly 1 million followers on TikTok, appears to have since deleted the clip. But he also posted another TikTok dance from what looks like a luxury box at the game.

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