Leaning Tower of Dallas to Stick Around for Days, Maybe Weeks

The “Leaning Tower of Dallas” endures.

The accidental landmark that has become a social media phenomenon will remain standing for days, and maybe weeks, as crews continue their work to bring it down, the demolition company laboring on the building said.

After the former Affiliated Computer Services building was imploded with explosives on Feb. 16, the core of the 11-story tower survived, leaning to one side.

Photos and videos of the lopsided structure went viral, and people nicknamed it the Leaning Tower of Dallas. People have taken to posing for photographs in which they pretended to be holding it up, much as tourists do with the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

More than 1,500 people have signed a petition to save the structure by having UNESCO add it to its list of World Heritage Sites.

On Monday, the Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition team, which initially imploded the building with explosives, began “a multistep process that is both safe and effective,” using a large crane and wrecking ball to topple the tower.

Crews are chipping away at the top of the building until it reaches “an acceptable height for a high-reach excavator, equipped with a hydraulic hammer to conclude the work,” the demolition company said in a statement on Tuesday.

“This may take several days, or weeks, and only the building will determine how many days it will take to safely complete the project,” the company said.

The demolition company is tearing down the building to make way for a 27-acre mixed-use project with residential and office high-rises, hotels, restaurants and a park.

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