The Latest Amenity at Luxury Residences: A Celebrity Chef Is in the House

“Some buyers will live there permanently,’’ he added, “others will use it for just part of the year or two or three days a week, but having service of that quality on tap makes it very easy and flexible.”

The project is to be completed in March with prices starting at 4.25 million pounds, or $5.5 million, and units ranging from one to four bedrooms.

Simon Garcia, director at the buying agency Quintessentially Estates, said access to in-house meals was especially attractive to international travelers because “no matter what time of day or night, it’s possible to order a favorite meal, a definite perk for those regularly crossing time zones.”

Alexandra Sinick is a tenant at 475 Clermont, the Brooklyn project that has started what it calls the world’s first live-in chef program. When she first toured the 12-story building, which ranges from studios to two-bedroom apartments, she was shown amenities including a pet spa, a bocce court and a rooftop outdoor movie screen, but it was the chef program that caught her attention.

“I thought ‘How cool!’ because my husband and I are real foodies,” said Ms. Sinick, a 33-year-old project manager at an international communications firm.

She and her husband were already fans of the popular Brooklyn restaurants Misi and Lilia, where 475 Clermont’s live-in chef, Bronwen Kinzler-Britton, and her culinary partner, Meryl Feinstein, have both worked.

“They are two of our favorite restaurants, but it can be really hard to get reservations so it was pretty amazing to have two of their chefs cooking right here in the building,” Ms. Sinick said.

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