Alabama state legislature approves use of medical marijuana, World News

Alabama would possibly become the latest US state to legalise marijuana as the state legislature voted in its favour late on Thursday. 

The House version of SB 46 approved the bill 68-34 in the chamber with bipartisan support on Thursday after a vote had been blocked by Republicans during a nearly nine-hour debate in the chamber late on Tuesday. 

The Senate gave its approval on amendments to the legislation made by the house by a 20-9 vote. 

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This would lead to the creation of the medical cannabis commission for regulating, licensing and overseeing the distribution of medical marijuana, CNN reported. 

Doctors could prescribe medical marijuana for conditions including cancer, epilepsy, terminal illness and chronic pain. 

The measure in the conservative state comes as several state legislatures are moving to legalise the recreational use of marijuana. 

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Alabama will become the 37th state to clear the use of medical marijuana, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

However, the bill will face opposition from 23 Alabama district attorneys, who in an April letter to the state legislature asked lawmakers to not legalise marijuana.

They described marijuana as “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

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