China mocks India’s COVID-19 crisis, deletes post after backlash, World News

The Communist Party of China (CPC) mocked India over the deadly coronavirus, which began in Wuhan last year wreaking havoc in the country. 

An account on Chinese microblogging site Weibo, which was linked to the Chinese Communist Party, posted a now-deleted photo over the weekend of China launching a rocket alongside an image of bodies being cremated in India. 

The account on Weibo, China’s Twitter-equivalent, shared two images side-by-side of a rocket launch in China and a cremation ground in India, adding a message: “China lighting a fire, India lighting a fire”.

Several social media users expressed shock and anger at the insensitivity of the post.


“We hope everyone gives attention to the Chinese government and mainstream public opinion supporting India’s fight against the epidemic,” China’s foreign ministry said in response to a request for comment. 

The novel coronavirus outbreak, which originated in Wuhan, China, has expanded to touch every corner of the globe. Millions of people around the world have been sickened and hundreds of thousands of others have died.

(With inputs from agencies)

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