COP26: Queen shares hope for success at climate summit

Hilda Flavia Nakabuye, 24, is a climate change activist from Kampala, the Ugandan capital. Her activism was prompted by the impact of climate change on her family’s lives, as she explains here:

“When I was still young I had a plantation with my family, but we lost it due to the effects of climate change. Heavy rains, floods, strong winds, unpredictable seasons, dry streams, all these things.

“In 2017 I joined a discussion at my school that was about climate change. I then understood that the effects my family were feeling was because of climate change.

“I started to speak up as a climate activist and as a campaigner. We travelled to schools and communities and in 2019 I started the Fridays For Future movement in Uganda. Now we have a network of 53,000.

“We were arrested a few times by the police because of the climate strikes – they alleged we might be a political party.

“I have very little hope in COP26 because I haven’t seen any concrete actions being taken in the last 25 COPs. Many people are being under-represented, especially from the most affected countries, mostly from the global south.

“We are quickly losing our hope in the leaders because of their inaction. Our survival and the survival of the future generations depend on our actions today.

“It’s either we come up with concrete actions or we fail all generations to come.”

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