Peru: Protesters oppose law against sex education in schools

Thousands of students on Friday thronged streets of Lima, capital of Peru on Friday (May 13) to protest against law that aims to remove comprehensive sex education in schools. 

Organisers of the protests said that university groups, sex education activists, feminist collectives and other people were part of the rallies. These rallies were also held in other major cities in the country.

Sex Education is a topic of hot debate across the world. Conservative opinion states that such education ‘unnecessarily’ exposes teenagers to sexual topics while supporters of sex education say that if teenagers get to know about their own bodies through a formalised curriculum, they will be in a much better position to maintain a good sexual health.

The Associated Press quoted a medical student Wendy Yanac who supported demonstrators calling for Peru President Pedro Castillo to veto changes in the law that would do away with sex education in school.

On Friday, protesters expressed their opposition to another bill. If passed, this bill would roll back 2015 reforms that created Sunedu (National Supervisory Authority for Higher Education), an institution to supervise college education.

The new bill provides for representation to universities on the Sunedu. Critics say such a step would weaken the independent nature of the institution.



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