Scotland Captures First World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship

Scotland, the birthplace of curling, won its first world title in the mixed doubles discipline on home ice Sunday afternoon.

Jennifer Dodds and Bruce Mouat won a 9-7 championship final over Norway’s Kristin Skaslien and Magnus Nedregotten, who won Olympic bronze in 2018.

The final was a see-saw affair in which each pair scored a three-ender plus a total of three deuces.

Trailing 7-5 in the seventh end, Scotland went to their power play and were rewarded straight away when Skaslien ticked a guard on her first stone. The Scots held the three-ender in play throughout the end and led 8-7 coming home.

With Norway’s time clock down to 19 seconds, Skaslien threw a runback for the attempted deuce and the win but her tying stone spilled too far. A measurement confirmed the Scottish steal and the 9-7 victory at the Curl Aberdeen facility.

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