Thousands protest against strict coronavirus restrictions in Germany, World News

Thousand of locals took to the streets in Germany to protest against the coronavirus restrictions while the government plans to initiate stricter regulations amid an incoming third wave of the deadly virus.

The protestors started marching from the city centre to the main square in northeastern Stuttgart.

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Present in large numbers, the protestors ignored repeated calls of the police to wear masks and maintain proper social distance. However, there were no major incidents reported.

These protests were organised under a movement called “(Anticonformist)”, which opposes social restrictions and has been organising similar demonstrations in Germany since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

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The demonstrators believe the restrictions being imposed by the government are “over the top” and the government should initiate an end of the lockdown.

Some protestors also accused the government of exaggerating the seriousness of the deadly virus by publishing wrong and increased tally.

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Demonstrators also raised voices against getting vaccinated, as the officials are urging people to get a jab as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the Angela Merkel-led government is looking at the possibility of introducing uniform measures to contain the spread of the virus and “to stop a third wave if the regional measures are insufficient,” a government spokesperson said.

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