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Afghan President Ashraf Ghani will put forward a three-phase peace roadmap for Afghanistan during a proposed meeting in Turkey, seeking an agreement with the Taliban and a ceasefire before elections, a document shows. Meanwhile, dramatic developments are taking place in Jordan. The Jordanian military said on Saturday that King Abdullah’s half-brother and former former Crown Prince Hamza bin Hussein  had been told to halt actions used to target the country’s ‘security and stability’. Read this and more in our Top 10 World News brief.

Afghan President proposes peace roadmap in three phases, says document

Ghani’s plan will be presented as a counter to proposals put forward by Washington, rejected by the Afghan government, that envisage immediately drawing up a new legal system for an interim administration to include Taliban representatives

Jordan’s neighbours, allies voice support over its security moves


In a statement published by the state news agency, it said the action was part of a broader security investigation in which a former minister, a member of the royal family and some other unidentified individuals were detained

Pope decries weapons spending during pandemic in his Easter message


Easter papal services were attended by small gathering in second year in a row due to coronavirus pandemic

Myanmar protesters use Easter eggs as a symbol of defiance 


Protesters hold eggs to coincide with Easter Sunday and make the three-finger salute during a demonstration against the military coup in Taunggyi in Myanmar’s Shan state on Sunday. Photograph:( AFP )

Rockets hit near Iraq airbase hosting US soldiers


No immediate claim of responsibility for the attack was received. No casualties or property damage has been reported

Bulgarians vote for new parliament amid Covid-19 fears


Opinion polls suggest Borissov’s centre-right GERB will again be the largest party, with 28-29% of the vote, but will fall short of a majority and may struggle to build a stable coalition in a more fractured parliament

Damaged carriage dragged from Taiwan train disaster tunnel


Teams have been working around the clock to remove the wrecked train from inside the tunnel and to search for more bodies. Officials warned the death toll could rise

Philippines accuses China of plans to occupy more features in South China Sea


China claims almost the entirety of the resource-rich sea and has asserted its stance by building up small shoals and reefs into military bases with airstrips and port facilities.

Thousands protest against strict coronavirus restrictions in Germany


Some protestors also accused the government of exaggerating the seriousness of the deadly virus by publishing wrong and increased tally

US lawmakers question Google, Twitter and others over auction of user data


In order to provide services of personalised ads a user receives, businesses gather personal information such as search history, IP address, age, gender etc

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