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Christina Ullman competes at the Arnold Classic Sports Festival in March, where she took top honors in Women’s Amateur Powerlifting Competition.
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For the second time in three years, Christina Ullman has won the World Powerlifting Alliance’s Women’s World Championship.

Lifters from the United States, Europe and Canada competed in the 35th Annual WPA event held at Steel Beach Gym in Oakville, Conn., on Sept. 3 and 4.

Ullman, of Marietta, competed in the full power, bench press only, deadlift only and push-pull divisions at the event, taking first place in all divisions as well as the overall top female award.

“I got really emotional,” said Ullman, reacting to winning her second world championship title. “It really made all of the work I put into training worthwhile.”

Ullman won the WPA World Championship in 2020 after competing in powerlifting for less than a year. Now, almost three years of competing in the sport, she has set 23 World, 19 American and 66 Ohio records in 19 meets across three powerlifting federations.

Christina Ullman took home the Female Best Lifter Award at the 2022 WPA World Championships at Steel Beach Gym in Oakville, Conn.
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“I set six Ohio records, three American records and four World records at this competition,” said Ullman. “My squat was my best lift of the day.”

Ullman’s squat of 355 pounds was a personal best lift that set new World, American and Ohio records for women ages 50-54 in the federation.

“To be 51-years-old and win a world title competing against women of all ages is truly incredible,” admits Ullman.

“But I have never been one to settle. I have my sights on more goals.”

One of those goals includes being invited to compete at the Arnold Classic Sports Festival again. Ullman competed at the Arnold in March where she took top honors in the women’s amateur powerlifting competition.

“Those kinds of competitions–worlds and the Arnold–really push me to compete at my best. When you look back and know you have done your best, that’s something to be proud of,” said Ullman.

Ullman says the encouragement and support of her gym community at Wolfepack Gym in Marietta has contributed to her success.

“Everyone truly wants you to reach your goals and be your best self,” said Ullman, who had also trained other lifters at the gym.

That type of support at meets by spectators and other competitors is what has meant the most to her. One recent situation stands out the most.

“A young woman approached me after the meet and asked to have her photo taken with me,” recalls Ullman. “Afterwards she thanked me and said, ‘I want to be just like you.’ That was really special.”

“To win a championship is one thing, but to do it and set a good example for other women … that’s something I will never forget,” she said.

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