UN official demands access to education, jobs for Gaza children, World News

A few days after Israel and Gaza agreed to a ceasefire, a UN official has called for a ‘genuine political process’ to make sure such a violent conflict does not take place again.

The UN official stressed the importance of re-building a peaceful environment and has urged the authorities to provide proper developmental progress to the children of the region.

“We need to have a genuine, genuine focus on human development, on proper access to education, on proper access to jobs, on proper access to livelihoods,” Philippe Lazzarini, head of the UN Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA told news agency AFP. “But this needs to be accompanied by a genuine political process.”

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His statement has come as the two countries agreed to a ceasefire deal, brokered by Egypt, with assistance from the US and UN.

He has also urged the authorities to work on the root cause of the problem to make sure the future generations of Israel and Gaza do not face humanitarian crisis any further. “The layers of hardship in Gaza keep getting thicker,” Lazzarini said.

His statement has come a few days after US President Joe Biden stressed the importance of rebuilding Gaza and said, “we still need a two-state solution”.

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