US Sanctions Eritrea’s Military, Ruling Party Over Ethiopia | World News

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The United States on Friday imposed economic sanctions on the military and ruling party of Eritrea over their role in neighboring Ethiopia’s brutal yearlong war.

A Treasury Department statement cited the “continued role” they play in the war that has killed thousands. Ethiopia’s government allowed Eritrean soldiers to enter Ethiopia’s Tigray region, where witnesses have accused them of some of the war’s worst abuses, but then denied the soldiers were there for months.

The U.S. statement notes “numerous reports of looting, sexual assault, killing civilians, and blocking humanitarian aid.”

The Treasury Department also warned that it is ready to sanction others, including Ethiopia’s federal government and the rival Tigray forces, “if there is not tangible progress toward a cessation of hostilities.”

There was no immediate comment from Eritrea, which human rights groups have described as one of the world’s most repressive nations.

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