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World is full of mysteries. But there are very few mysteries that have the power to captivate & terrify us at the same time. The Bermuda triangle is that kind of mystery. Bermuda triangle has stumped us for decades.

It has been called a lot of things, The Devil’s Triangle, The Hoodoo Sea, The Limbo of The Lost!

It has been subjected to many paranormal theories. Some say it’s a gateway to the underworld. Others say its a wormhole to another dimension. A lot of credit for these bizarre theories goes to Hollywood

Movies have made the place rather fancy and only added to its mystery. There can be a long list of movies on Bermuda Triangle.

Bermuda Triangle hit headlines again recently when a boat with 20 people onboard went missing on December 28, 2020. The boat left Bimini in the Bahamas and was to arrive in Lake Worth in Florida on 29th. Something went wrong, the boat travelled around Bermuda Triangle and went missing.

US Coast Guard searched 17,000 square miles of the sea before suspending search.

This incident put spotlight on mysterious Bermuda Triangle again.

Who can we blame for disappearances over decades?

And who exactly do we blame for the disappearances? Sea monsters? aliens? an ancient curse? or an Illuminati conspiracy?

The line connecting Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico make what is known as the Bermuda Triangle. It is believed that in these 50,000 square miles, radios stop working, compasses spin like crazy, electronics start wigging out. Some even claim UFO spotting.

Till now, Bermuda Triangle has swallowed 75 aircrafts, more than a hundred ships and close to 1000 humans.

The history of Bermuda Triangle goes back to 15th century.

Christopher Columbus travelled across this region of the sea in his first voyage and reported that ‘a great flame crashed into the sea’ and that ‘a strange light’ appeared a while later.

It could have been anything, a meteor perhaps. Nobody knows.

Then in 1611, William Shakespeare, the man who didn’t believe in ‘happily ever after’, based his play ‘Tempest’ on a Bermuda shipwreck. This increased the mystery surrounding Bermuda Triangle.


But it wasn’t till the 20th century that the Bermuda Triangle really captured the public’s attention.

In 1918, A 542-feet-long US Navy ship called USS Cyclops sank between Barbados & Chesapeake Bay.

The ship was carrying more than 300 people and they vanished into thin air.

More mysterious incidents followed

In 1945, five American torpedo bombers and a plane that was sent to find them vanished without a trace

In 1964, American author Vincent Gaddis officially coined the term for the enigma..

He outlined several mysteries of the triangle. In a pulp magazine article called ‘The Deadly Bermuda Triangle’

Besides the boat disappearance from December 2020, the most recent tragedy was in 2015, when the cargo ship SS El Faro’ disappeared in this region. It was travelling from Florida to Puerto Rico

It disappeared from the radars on the 1st of October and was found on 31st October, at the bottom of Atlantic Ocean.

Mysterious? Certainly!

Terrifying? Yes!

Paranormal? Not really!

Most scientists have attributed these disappearances to severe weather changes, shallow waters, waterspouts and human blunders

But the most commonly accepted theory was presented by a team of scientists from University of Colorado in 2016.

They analysed satellite images of this infamous area. And noticed  a series of hexagonal clouds which they said might act like ‘air bombs’.

These ‘air bombs’ are believed to cause deadly blasts of air which can exceed 170 miles per hour. You can call them hurricane-force winds!

They can really ‘blow up’ the air. They can also trigger sea-waves as high as 45 feet in the air.

Most ships fail to survive such a storm. Most aircraft fail to survive such winds.

According to scientists clouds don’t really form straight edges. But the Bermuda triangle is an exception

An unexplained anomaly and its not alone.

There are atleast 11 other places like the Bermuda Triangle across the world.

11 other ‘vile vortices’.

What are they? In very simple words..

‘Vile vortices’ are strange regions on earth where strange things occur or used to occur once upon a time.

A lot of credit for identifying these regions goes to Ivan T. Sanderson, a traveller who was a huge a fan of the paranormal back in the 60s

He coined the term ‘vile vortices’ to record the strangest experiences during his travels. He mapped atleast 12 ‘vile vortices’ spread all over the world. 6 of them lie almost perfectly in line above the equator. And so do the 6 ‘vile vortices’ below it.

First on the list are the Algerian megaliths in Sahara desert. These are burial grounds & an architectural anomaly made by the Zingh empire in 15,000 BC

Second on the list is Mohenjodaro in Pakistan, an advanced ancient society that dates back to the Indus Valley Civilisation.

Third is the dragon triangle, also known as the devil’s sea near the coast of Japan. It lies above an underwater city popularly known as Japan’s Atlantis.

The fourth vile vortex is the Hamakulia volcano, located in the ring of fire in Hawaii

Fifth is in Easter Island in Polynesia, one of the most isolated places on the planet. This is where you can find 900 Moai statues created by the Rapa Nui people.

Sixth is the south Atlantic anomaly, A rather dangerous zone where Earth’s magnetic field is the weakest.

Seventh, is in great Zimbabwe, an ancient city in Southeast Zimbabwe that was once home to 2,000 people and now is a ghost town.

Eighth vile vortex is in the Wharton basin on the western coast of Australia.

The tenth & eleventh vile vortices are the North & South poles.

And lastly the 12th & the most infamous of them all is the Bermuda Triangle.

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